Planners & Promoters

Event Checklist


  1. Pick a date far enough ahead of time to plan your event
  2. Develop an idea or theme for your event
  3. Secure all dates, caterers, decorators, services, equipment, etc in advance; minimum of 60 days
  4. Decorate your venue to give attendees a unique and personal experience
  5. Always have an emergency kit and Plan B
  6. Have a back-up plan for inclement weather
  7. Promote your event on multiple platforms, and develop creative ways to engage your customer
  8. Announce your event a minimum of 60 days before it occurs so that your customers will be able to save the date
  9. Have an adequate set up time scheduled, and provide detailed instructions so that set up flows smoothly and appears pristine
  10. Make it fun – the most memorable events always end with a smile!