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We look forward to being the home of your next event! The information below outlines the booking guidelines and policies for the Delaware State Fairgrounds:

  1. Application – The event planner must submit the Facility Rental Application Form for approval. This application lists event information, type of event, date request, and other general rental information. You can obtain this form by calling Robin Rockemann at 302.398.5905.
  2. Contract Requests – The event planner must also request a contract in writing. A deposit may be required before the contract is drafted and sent out. This circumstance will be determined by the Delaware State Fair.
  3. Contract Approval – The contract must be approved by the Rentals and Concessions Manager. The contract will be sent to the event planner and will include a cover letter stating that the lease will become invalid if it is not signed and returned within 30 days. Event contracts are not considered binding and valid until the event deposit is received and the contract is countersigned by the General Manager.
  4. Deposit Requirements – The deposit amount and due date will be stated in your contract. If the deadline is not met, your event may be cancelled. The deposit amount is dependent on several factors. Whether your event is new or returning and the scope and duration of your event are determining factors.
  5. Insurance Requirements – Each event must provide a certificate of liability insurance. Liability amounts required are identified in the lease agreement. The certificate of insurance must be submitted 30 days prior to the event planner’s scheduled move-in date.
  6. Catering & Licenses – Event planners are not required to use our in-house caterer, Harrington Raceway and Casino, but they are required to have their event caterer work through our in-house caterer to ensure proper licenses are in place. All alcohol needs are to be purchased through our in-house caterer, who holds the liquor license for the Delaware State Fairgrounds.
For more information, please contact our Rentals Manager, Robin Rockemann, at 302.398.5905 or Fill out the form below
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