Plan My Day

There’s so much to see and do at the Delaware State Fair and we don’t want you to miss a minute of it! Take it one day at a time or pre-plan your entire 10-day stay here at the Fair!

10 Ways to Be Prepared for a Great Day at the Delaware State Fair for our families and we have included additional to help with special considerations for families affected by autism spectrum disorders or other disabilities.  Thank you to the Autism Delaware staff for the help and continued support. 
Planning ahead based on your child’s individual needs will help make it an awesome day at the fair!

  1. Get the map of the state fair ahead of time so you can be familiar with the locations that you may want or need to access at the fair. If needed, identify areas that may work for a sensory friendly break area for your child.
  2. Planning to visit the rides, prior to purchasing your ride tickets or wristband, please visit the Wade Show’s Customer Service trailer, found at the base of the Giant Ferris Wheel, to request accommodations and information. Staff can help you identify areas, based off your child’s individual needs,  that may meet your child’s needs for a sensory break.   If possible please visit and complete the contact form 36 hours prior to your visit  in order to schedule an appointment so staff may review your information in advance.  Appointments are best as staff are sometimes pulled in other areas and may not be immediately available.
  3. Make sure you get your hand stamped when you enter!  That way, if you need to leave, you can re-enter later that same day without having to pay again!
  4. Bring water or another refreshing drink and keep yourself and your child hydrated.  It can be hot and dusty at the fair.  You can bring in your own beverages, just no glass containers.
  5. Plan ahead- think about your child’s individual needs and interests, and determine the best time to go to the fair (time of day- to accommodate naps, avoid the hottest part of day or the fireworks; or which day of the week- consider the schedule of  promotional days  like kids day/Seniors Day/Pepsi day,  etc).
  6. Plan ahead- Think about your child’s individual needs and plan your fair day to incorporate his or her favorite activities when it will work best for him or her. (Should you visit your child’s favorite ride first, or in the middle, or last? Would your child do best with a snack after rides or before? etc).
  7. Bring anything you need to support your child’s functional communication system (PECS, break cards, assistive technology, etc). If needed,  consider asking school or therapists for specific PECS ahead of time to support fair activities (ferris wheel, funnel cake, etc)
  8. Bring effective visual supports,  positive reinforcement tangible items, or other supports  that your child needs (countdown timer, visual timer, schedule board, tokens to earn rewards, first/then board, iPad in protective case, noise cancelling headphones, etc)
  9. Think about what supports work for your child in other new or similar situations and apply those same supports to your visit to the fair.  Especially if visiting the fair for the first time, consider bringing a favorite toy or item to the fair for comfort.
  10. Take your time, slow down to your child’s speed, and enjoy your day at the fair!

If you would like to talk to another parent of an individual who has enjoyed a fun day at the fair, call Autism Delaware’s family support staff!  They have staff with real life experience and can offer peer-to-peer support!

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