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Centre COVID-19 Guidelines



  • OPERATING HOURS: The Centre Ice Arena is not open for “general business” purposes and will not be following a set public daily schedule. We are only opening for specific programming with a limited entry and exit time associated with the separate occurrence of each program session, practice or game.

    Program management and participants will only be admitted for the duration of their specific program and cannot enter the building earlier than their planned entry times. Similarly, those admitted to the Centre must exit the building within 10 minutes of the published end time for their program due to capacity imitations and public health department guidance.

    The building will be cleared after each session and before the next session’s participants can be admitted. The entrance door will actually be locked after the entry period has expired and will be reopened at the beginning of the next program’s entry period.

    Those waiting outside the Centre should practice proper social distancing paying close attention to the visual cues on the sidewalks. Once in line, facemasks should be worn.

  • BUSINESS RELATED IN-PERSON CONTACTS: All administrative activities related to any Centre sponsored programming such as registering or making payment(s) should be accomplished through the Fair’s website at Click on the link and select the program you would like to sign up for.

    Call 302-398-5900 if you have any questions.

  • SNACK BAR AND OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINK: The snack bar will not be open this season in order to allow staff sufficient time to perform periodic cleaning and sanitizing of the facility related to program occupancy; bringing in outside food and beverages will not be permitted.

    Skaters and players may bring in their own water bottle, however in compliance with public health regulations, the Centre’s water bottle refilling station will not be in service. Bottles of water, energy drinks and limited carbonated beverages will be available for purchase in two vending machines located inside the facility.

  • LOCKER ROOMS AND RESTROOM FACILITIES: The Delaware Department of Public Health requires that we close all locker rooms. All skaters, players and participants should arrive at the Centre fully dressed in program appropriate clothing and gear.

       In order to comply with public health regulations, the mezzanine ladies and men’s restrooms cannot be used as changing rooms. Under COVID-19  guidance, the Centre lacks the facilities for anyone to remove articles of clothing (other than an outer jacket) in order to change into program attire.

  • LACING ROOM: The party rooms have been converted into a “Lacing Room” which will be used by skaters and players to change into their skates. Authorized guests may enter the Lacing Room with the minor aged player or skater in order to assist.

    Once skates are on, skaters , players and authorized guest (if any) must vacate the Lacing Room with all their possessions including coats, equipment bags, etc. and cannot remain in or return to the Lacing Room once the session, practice or game has started.

    A complete clearing of the Lacing Room is needed in order to permit arena staff the opportunity to perform the required cleaning of chairs, door handles, etc. in-between ice sessions as required by the Department of Public Health. A skater’s or player’s bag, coat, etc. should be removed from the Lacing Room and placed on, adjacent to, or under any of the arena-side designated seating.

  • LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS OR PROPERTY: The Centre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items so please keep that in mind when determining what personal articles of clothing, jewelry including watches, etc. are worn into the arena and not worn while on the arena ice.

  • SIGNED WAIVER: All skaters, players, participants and their authorized guest(s) (including members and staff associated with visiting teams) must sign a Participant’s Assumption of Risk (including COVID-19), Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement form before entering the facility for the first time.

​        Program managers must secure a complete and signed Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement from each participant (signed by a guardian in the case of a skater, player or participant younger than 18), referees and officials as well as all visiting team players and associated administrative and coaching staff prior to their first on-ice session or game in order to expedite the initial entry into the facilities. The digital form is available on the Centre’s website at rink/ at the top of the page. This can be signed before arriving at the Centre for the first time this season.



    • Subject to the entry procedure outlined below, only the immediate program participant skater or player may enter the building.

    • If the program participant, skater or player is under the age of 18 as of the date of entering the building, the participant may be accompanied by one and only one adult (parent or guardian) who must enter the building at the same time with the participant, skater or player. This prohibition applies to any additional parents, step- parents, grandparents and siblings.

    • Once a program starts, re-entry will not be permitted as the entry door will be locked.

    • Persons under the age of 4 will not be permitted to enter the building at any time.



      • TIMES: The entry door to Centre Ice Arena shall open 15 minutes prior to the published start time of each particular program and shall remain open until 10 minutes after the published start time of each particular program, practice or game.

        After this time, the entry door shall be closed and locked by ice arena personnel. During the time the door is closed and locked and until it is reopened to admit the participants, skaters or players for the next scheduled program, ice arena staff will be performing Delaware Department of Public Health mandated cleaning and sanitizing throughout the facility. There will be no exceptions to this entry procedure.​​

      • DAILY ADMISSION PROCESS: Upon entering the facility, the skater or player and their authorized guest (in the case of a participant younger than 18), must check- in at either the administrative office window (for Centre managed programs) or the skate rental window (for non-Centre managed programs).

        • When presenting at the required window, each skater, player and authorized guest (if any) must complete and sign a daily health check form that will be given to them and collected by the attendant at which time their temperature will be taken and recorded on the daily health check form.

        • Each person seeking admission to the facility must then complete a Delaware Department of Public Health Contact Tracing Form in a digital format using the arena supplied iPad by providing the entering person(s) name (including the minor aged skater or player), address, phone number (cell). Obtaining this information on a daily basis is a public health requirement and this information will be only used by public health officials to contact those persons entering the facility in the event it is determined that the person providing the contact information may have possibly been exposed to someone with the COVID-19 virus.

        • NOTE: this process will not be employed the first week (October 2 – 8, 2020). Instead, program administrators must complete a Contract Tracing Spreadsheet that contains the name, address and phone number of all persons entering the building to participate in each program. This spreadsheet must be emailed to the arena staff at the end of the last practice or session each day. The format of the spreadsheet will be provided as a sample to each group. The Centre is currently working on a scannable badge process that should be implemented in the very near future which is intended to satisfy the public health department’s requirement to maintain attendance contact information on a daily basis.

      • PATRON FLOW WITHIN THE FACILITY: The Centre’s operating plan that was approved by public health officials is predicated upon all facility admittees following directional signage placed on the floor.

        • After completing the pre-admission requirements, all persons entering must follow the on-floor directional arrows leading to the Lacing Room (formerly known as the party rooms) via the mezzanine level ramp. The Lacing Room is where street shoes can be removed and skates put on.
        • From there, persons exit the Lacing Room through the ice arena level doors and enter the arena floor area for seating and program participation. Player boxes have a capacity limit of 7 persons (including the coach). Program participants unable to be accommodated in the 2 player boxes may stand behind the boxes provided that they adhere to the social distancing visual markers.
        • Authorized guests may sit on any of the designated seats along the south wall or in the bleacher area along the east wall. Proper social distancing must be maintained in the bleacher seating area.

    • All participants and their authorized guest (in the case of participants younger than 18) must leave the facility within 10 minutes of the published end time of practice, program or game.

    • Participants may not linger in the facility and must exit as soon as possible after the program has finished

    • To exit the facility at the conclusion of the practice, game or program, everyone should use the east arena floor ramp which leads directly into the mezzanine at the exit door area.


  • GENERAL RULE: Face coverings must be worn at all times by all persons while inside the Centre Ice Arena building. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in building entry denial or expulsion and possible barring for the season in the event of 2 or more violations.

    • Paper or disposable mask; or

    • A cloth face mask; or

    • A religious face covering; and

    • For contact hockey players who must wear face masks while on the ice, the face

      covering choice may include a CCM’s “Game On” player face mask.

    • Face coverings with holes including exhaust valves; and

    • Face coverings made solely of mesh or lace; and

    • Bandanas; and

    • Neck gaiters; and

    • Other forms of face coverings that cannot be secured under the chin; and

    • Face shields without a face covering underneath.

  • PROPER WEARING OF FACE COVERINGS: To be worn properly, all face coverings must:

    • Fit snugly against the sides of the face;

    • Cover the nose and mouth completely;

    • Be secured over the nose and mouth; and

    • Allow for breathing without restriction.


    • WHILE ON THE ICE: Face coverings may be temporarily removed only under the

      following circumstances:

      • A player while skating on the ice as part of non-contact hockey in one of the following programs:

        • Mites (Age 4 to 8); and

        • Squirt (Age 9 to 10); and

        • Pee Wee or middle school players (Age 11 to 12); and

        • Adult Hockey (age 18+); and

        • Girl’s Hockey (Any age including college).

      • The opportunity to temporarily remove a face covering shall also apply to non- contact hockey players when they meet ALL FOUR of the following criteria SIMULTANEOUSLY:

        • The player must be inside one of the arena’s 2 players’ boxes. Please note that each of the players’ boxes are approved to hold no more than 7 persons (1 coach and up to 6 players). Additional players will be accommodated behind the boxes but they must continue to wear their face coverings at all times until admitted to the player box; and

        • The player must be fully dressed and prepared to skate or play non-contact hockey; and

        • The player must be wearing his or her helmet with the chin strap fully fastened; and

        • The player must maintain 6’ of separation or social distancing from other players and/or coaches at all times while in the players’ box and before taking the ice.

      • Figure skaters during their on-ice programming (except for paired figure skaters and ice dancers who must always wear their masks while on-ice); and

      • Public skating participants while they are on the ice and maintaining appropriate social distancing from all other skaters.

    • WHILE OFF THE ICE: A face covering may be temporarily removed by any occupant of the building who is off the ice but only while drinking water or consuming a beverage, provided that the person temporarily removing the face covering maintains proper social distancing at all times.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 all payment transactions need to be done online, payments will not be accepted on site.