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How to Make an Entry

The Delaware State Fair enthusiastically recommends that all exhibitors download the ShoWorks Passport app and use it starting this year.

2020 – How to Make an Entry – ShoWorks Passport

2020 – How to Make an Entry – Traditional ShoWorks Platform


Enter your Dairy Cattle in the 2020 Delaware State Fair! Dairy Cattle Entries must be made online via the Delaware State Fair website. Enter between 9:00 AM April 1, 2020 and 11:59 PM June 1, 2020.

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to read all General Animal Exhibitor Rules. These rules can be found in the exhibitor’s handbook. Dairy Cattle exhibitors must be at least five (5) years of age as of January 1st of the current Fair year (2020).

Remember, if your Dairy Cow needs milked while on exhibit at the fair, you must use the Delaware State Fair’s milking parlor.

Think your Dairy Cattle has what it takes? The Grand Champion of each breed will return to compete for the Supreme Champion of the Open Dairy Show.

2020 – Dairy Cattle Premium Book 5.14.20